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ThevoSleepingStar Senso - for sensory support

Bed time - often a nightmare

Many children with special needs have sleep disorders or disturbances, affecting parents and other family members. These disorders include; issues with falling asleep and staying asleep, restlessness during sleep, as well as disorientation upon awakening. Sleep disorders affect a child‘s natural growth and development.

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation® supports mobility
  • Improves body perception
  • Reduces spasms and pain
  • Calms the child for restorative sleep

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The AGR quality cachet (Aktion Gesunder Rücken = Campaign for Healthier Backs): Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. More information: Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. | Stader Straße 6 | 27432 Bremervörde | 04761/92 63 580 |

Sizes: Thevo Therapeutic mattresses for children

  • Crib - 27” x 55” with blue incontinence cover
  • Hospital - 36” x 79” with blue incontinence cover
  • Twin - 39” x 75” with blue incontinence cover
  • Full - 54” x 75” with red jersey cover

Custom sizes are also possible.
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Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses are available with jersey or incontinence covers.
All mattresses sold to the U.S. and Canada fulfill the following standards regarding flammability:
  • 16 CFR 1632
  • 16 CFR 1633
  • Cal. TB 129/ ASTM E 1590
  • BFD IX-11

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Why should you choose ThevoCalm?

thevo wing

Wing suspensions

have a positive influence on the children’s restless sleep by providing tiny movement impulses

calm foam


is especially tailored to the needs of children with special needs to provide comfortable sensation of lying

sleepingstar suspension

Positioning suspension

soft sensation of lying - extended sleep phases is optimally tailored to the sleep and lying requirements of children with special needs

sleepingstar cover 600

Incontinence cover

breathable, clean easily by wiping with disinfectant


Technical data

ThevoSleepingStar Senso 
Weight of capacity 11-132 lbs
Height of mattress 7.5"
Weight of mattress 29-90 lbs
Washable cover at 149°F
Autoclavable up to 230°F



deParent review from Jennifer, Child suffers from cerebral palsy, cerebral haemorrhages, Barhypoplasia, blind, epilepsy, ASD2, quadriparesis, microcephaly, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia II, hip dysplasia, was long-term mechanical ventilation, PEG probe, Germany:
„We had a Sleepingstar Senso for 3 years at home for our daughter. She got a bigger nursing bed, but without the Sleepingstar Senso mattress. We have filed a contradiction and lost. We got a nursing bed with a normal decubitus mattress. After 2 years, the mattress is unusable now. The decubitus mattress had boxes in it, because they get wet often, they are crumbled very fast. Then they were no more boxes, but hillocks – that was not nice. After a new survey, the doctor saw, that the child's health has deteriorated dramatically. The kyphoscoliosis prepares pain if the child lies. After 2 week they approved the Sleepingstar Senso and now I am waiting for the delivery. The 3 years with the Sleepingstar Senso were so great, but without a disaster.”

dkCustomer of Meyland Smith, Denmark
"A little bedtime story. Our son Marcus is a happy and energetic boy of 5 years - until Marcus was 3 years he slept without any problem. He fell asleep and slept heavily all night. When Marcus became big brother, he was 3 ½ years old, and at this time aggravated his sleep patterns drastically over a period of just over 2 years. Marcus now had difficulty falling asleep - had a hard time finding peace both physically and mentally. When at last he has fallen asleep it takes a few hours only before Marcus wakes up again, for some unknown reason, and was in most nights awake just until the early morning. For well over a year ago we started consulting physicians and they ordinated Marcus with Melatonin in the hope that it would help Marcus to a better sleep. Marcus soon fell asleep on Melatonin, and could some day keep him sleeping all night. When we one day learned about the "Sleeping Star - Mattress" from a leaflet - we immediately took contact to the company which marked these articles in Denmark and quickly got a mattress for testing. It turns out that the mattress has an enormous effect on Marcus' sleep rhythm - Marcus now declines rapidly to rest and sleep heavily through pretty much every night - mattress makes Marcus falls in a healthy and deep sleep and gives him the bodily sensation, which he has needed. Given that Marcus is sleeping at night again, we have become a lot more happy and energetic family when we all get our sleep. We've even got the mattress appropriated by the municipality in no time, as it soon turned out that the Sleeping Star was a huge success for our family."

deFrau H., Aurich, Germany
Before: nightly transfer with parental help, restless sleep, often shortly after falling asleep waking up again, very early wake up (5:00AM-5:30AM), child preferred the sofa for breaks rather than his bed, often the child is very tired after the breakfast, daily seizures during sleep (usually at night), after a night with seizure the child often is less resilient, reveal mixed day form, always dependent on the attack that occurred, often tired, hypotonia
After: child turns independently without assistance during sleep, calm sleep, less or no awakenings, in the morning slept longer up to an hour, had to wake him sometimes, volunteer retirement and phases of play in bed, morning the child appeared much rested, nightly seizures equal, better cushion the convulsive epileptic seizures and therefore less physically exhausting, better day form, more urge to move, better posture
"In conclusion, we can say that the child benefits from the Sleepingstar Senso mattress, after 4 years we are not able to stop the epileptic Seizures with medications. Furthermore, we must, according to the specialists assume that the child will not achieve seizure freedom. Since the epileptic seizures occur to 80% during the night and sleep, we have to use every chance make his life better. A leisurely night sleep is one thing that helps, because it naturally results in better form during the day, as we could see."

deTanja Clausen, Germany
„Records is broken!! I thought that was impossible, yesterday my child was in the bed at 6:30PM and at 6:36PM she slept, she slept until 3:00AM without any waking up! And now listen… today she was in the bed at 6:53PM and she slept at 6:56PM! I had my mobile right next to me so I can read the time. The Sleepingstar Senso mattress is a dream! It is really awesome!!!” =)

deYvonne Borowetz, Germany
„The Sleepingstar Senso ist really great,  the sleeping time of Yannic is between 7:30PM to 6:00AM. On some days he sleeps earlier and on others he sleeps longer. Also I can see little advances at Yannic and I am really happy about it. I also notice how proud he is of himself.

deRouven Dalmer, patient with Osteogenesis imperfecta III, Germany
“I sat down and was unsure and then I lay down and thought how unusual it was and then I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and was surprised. It was weird to sleep so softly because there is no direct “feedback”. But I noticed the many benefits. I could sleep on my stomach without any problems and on my side too. Even smaller ailments on my thighs were half as bad because the pressure was substantially reduced. Of course, after an operation you would like to be suspended because every time you touch something it hurts but that is not normally the case, you know. But I always wish for my Sleepingstar Senso mattress whenever I have to sleep in another bed.”
deParent reviews, forum
“Unbelievable, we never expected that. We tried so many things and nothing helped. It is a completely new feeling to sleep through the night again.”

deIGAP study, Björn (6)  ICP with pronounced spasms, Germany
"Six-year-old Björn is another example (the child suffers from ICP with pronounced spasms and has relatively little own movement). In Björn’s case after just a few nights the spasms were reduced by 30% not just at night by also during the day. The training program inevitably improved significantly during the day."

dkJette - Mother of a disabled child, Denmark
Emil is 5 years old and has epilepsy and infantile autism with a moderately severe mental retarded. Emil has long only been awake for approx. 2 hours where he just laying and waited to go back to sleep, so he was not physically active of the night, so we accepted it. Emil has only a few times slept through the night and he did it so I had to enter and check if he was breathing, it was not normal that he just slept all the way to the morning. In the summer of 2012 was Emil gradually stepped out of one of the pills to his epilepsy. Unfortunately, this resulted in more turmoil both during the day and especially at night when Emil was awake between 3-5 hours each night with full activity. Consequently he plays and trampling all over the apartment during the night so we were worried about neighbors' reaction as he could be heard from the second floor where we live and all the way down to the ground floor. Furthermore, we as parents by being very exhausted because we only slept a few hours each night. Emil is in special kindergarten in Frederikssund and one day the manager gave us information about a special mattress that would help especially insomnia. I immediately contacted the company and got detailed information what the mattress was about, among other things that we could get the mattress to the test in 2 weeks. It sounded too good that it could be true that Emil might be able to sleep through the night. We started to search the municipality if they would pay the mattress to Emil. Since we during the following 2 months had not decision yet, we again contacted Meyland-smith that we wanted to try to get the mattress to the test in the 2 weeks - imagine if it worked!. In the period before we got the mattress for testing had Emil been constantly awake for 3-4 hours every night with full activity where his father was kicked out of bed and we could otherwise both run around the living room and the bedroom after Emil to minimize that he blustered too much He should not wake up his older brother at almost 8 years of age. So in desperation I thought we constantly imagined if the mattress was working. The first night Emil slept on the mattress he was awake almost 2 hours but he was laying quietly and just fell asleep again without problems. During the 2 weeks both we and the kindergarten saw a remarkable change - also during the day where he did not have the same turmoil anymore. At the end of the 2 weeks testing period Emil suddenly slept through 2 nights in a row. Absolutely fantastic!
So final result of the mattress was less turmoil in the daytime and max awake around. 2 hours a night, otherwise he sleeps through approx. 1-2 times a week and it has a surplus of both his parents to be more active in everyday life for both Emil and his older brother. Furthermore, the neighbor on the ground floor asked whether something happened to Emil as she did not hear him anymore at night time, and we replied yes he had a new mattress that was indeed something very special. At the end of the story as it helped that the municipality could see such a satisfactory pattern of Emil's life and sleep patterns that they have paid the mattress as a consumption good where we pay 750.00 kr and they pay the rest. It was our history and experience we did with mattress hoping it can benefit others and give courage that there may be solutions to everyday turmoil and nightly problems.

dkKirsten - Mother of a disabled child, Denmark
"We've got a problem with our new mattress used by Thea: SHE DOES NOT WANT TO GET UP AGAIN! She slept all night, did not get up for going to the restrooms, did not call for us during night and finally we had to lure her to the bathroom in the morning at 11 a.m.. Afterwards she went back to her bed immediately and did not want to get up again. We solved a problem and created a new one at the same time. In former times Thea never wanted to take a nap during daytime.”

usDebbie Seigel, Huntertown, Indiana, USA
"Wow, we have slept more these past couple of weeks than we ever dreamed possible!!!!! What a huge answer to prayer for two sleep deprived parents of a 10 year old treasure with Angelman Syndrome!!!! Because I am so used to waking up during the night, I am still waking up during the night. Maybe I need a "Sleeping Star" bed too. hehe"