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ThevoCalm - Parkinson’s Care

Quality of life – despite Parkinson’s: Spending the day in a relaxed and structured way

The diagnosis often is unexpected, and has an immediate effect on a person‘s daily life. Besides the muscle tension typical of the illness, extreme fatigue decreases a person‘s quality of life. Many activities of everyday life become difficult.

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation relaxes muscles
  • Tiny movements maintain mobility
  • Decrease night sweats
  • Easier to sit up and change positions

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The AGR quality cachet (Aktion Gesunder Rücken = Campaign for Healthier Backs): Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. More information: Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. | Stader Straße 6 | 27432 Bremervörde | 04761/92 63 580 |

Sizes: Thevo Therapeutic mattresses for adults

  • Hospital - 36” x 79” with jersey or incontinence cover
  • Twin - 39” x 75” with jersey or incontinence cover
  • Twin XL - 38” x 79” with jersey or incontinence cover
  • Full - 54” x 75” with jersey cover
  • Queen - 60” x 79” with jersey cover
  • Split King (2 mattresses) - 38” x 79” with jersey or incontinence cover

Custom sizes are also possible.
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Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses are available with jersey or incontinence covers.
All mattresses sold to the U.S. and Canada fulfill the following standards regarding flammability:

  • 16 CFR 1632
  • 16 CFR 1633
  • Cal. TB 129/ ASTM E 1590
  • BFD IX-11

Government, Military, and Veterans Health Administration Customers ➡ Order here!


Why should you choose ThevoCalm?

calm foam


for stable sensation of lying

calm wings

Wing suspensions

provide tiny impulses to maintain and support mobility of people with Parkinson’s

parkinson suspension

Parkinson’s suspension very firm sensation of lying - more stability

is optimally tailored to the sleep and lying demands of people with Parkinson’s


Technical data

Weight of capacity up to 308 lbs
Height of mattress 4.3"
Height of underframe 3.2"
Washable cover at 149°F



deMrs L., Germany
"I have had a Thevo Calm Parkinson mattress since mid-October. I don't want to miss this mattress anymore. I sleep very well on it, it is a restful sleep. Actually, I am a back sleeper, but on this mattress I can also lie on my side. But the best thing is that I wake up in the morning without back pain. It's nice that there is something so good for Parkinson's patients - it should be available on prescription. At this point, a very special thank you to Mr. Feick for his competent advice."

"After more than 10 years - struggling through two major back surgeries and having degenerative disk disease – we had given up on finding a bed that would truly support the back and spine, and give us a goodnight’s sleep. On one of the days that this mattress frustration was at a high, I happened to hear a radio testimonial for Thevo Beds. It took me some sleuthing to find the company, but once I hit the website and read more about the mattress and technology, I was convinced this mattress might be the solution.

In tandem with our own issues, my mom had recently transitioned my father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, into a hospital bed and least to say the foam mattress on that frame was of little benefit to comfort or sleeping. We were lucky to be in the greater Seattle area to visit the showroom and have a chance to experience the Thevo bed types. All of this happening during restrictions of COVID-19. Darlene Hawthorne who heads up the office was beyond terrific! She took copious amounts of time to talk with us about our issues and show us the Parkinson’s specific mattress. She also went a step above and beyond by hosting a Zoom call with my mom, who is in AZ, to walk her through the specifics of the Parkinson’s mattress.

Not only did we purchase a king relief Thevo Bed, but my mom purchased the Parkinson’s Thevo bed for my dad. Here we are two weeks later and the results are significant. I have gone from having debilitating pain and restless sleep, and my husband has gone from having hip pain to now neither of us have any pain sleeping or upon waking. A miracle happened in just two weeks from the simple change of a traditional mattress to a Thevo Bed. Remember… this is after debilitating pain for 10 years, chiro and physical therapy, pain medications, and more, to now just good, supportive sleep!

And my dad… well he went from struggling to get out of bed, to now sleeping more comfortably with a back that also suffers from arthritis. He also used to struggle getting up from the bed, and with the new Thevo Bed, he has regained the ability to better help himself in getting out of bed, rather than relying on help from my mom, which was straining her back too. For anyone suffering from back issues or Parkinson’s I would highly recommend the Thevo Bed based on our positive experience. With a 30-day trial period, you have nothing to lose and you’ll likely find, like we did that it will be your new lifetime bed.

Thanks again Darlene. You were a gem to work with and I’m so glad I found the company and the bed!
Cheers, Catherine"

deMrs Kunze (coordinates local Parkinson group together with husband), Rendsburg Germany
"1. How often do sleep disorders and Parkinson’s coincide? How severe are the symptoms? What are the causes?
In my conversations I often hear that sleep problems are very widespread amongst Parkinson’s patients. The sleeplessness causes a deterioration of the physical symptoms and impairs the quality-of-life due to the daytime tiredness. Overall I sleep very restlessly, my husband even says that I thrash about and shout loudly. With me it especially comes to sleep disturbances in the REM phase.

The beds and mattresses on which I have slept up to now were not able to process this restlessness and I regularly woke up. On top of that, in the morning I had back pain. But this is nothing unusual for someone with Parkinson’s. The therapy mattress from Thomashilfen has helped to significantly alleviate my pain and restlessness.

2. What are the convincing arguments in favor of this special mattress?
The therapy mattress from Thomashilfen absorbs all movements and gently cushions them. It adapts well to me, and above all, it follows all my movements. In spite of this adaptability the mattress gives me sufficient support so that my mobility is ensured. I can turn around and easily get out of bed in the morning. The shoulder area yields easily and I no longer have to worry about tension.

In the morning I don‘t even want to get up, that is how enjoyable it is to lay on the ThevoCalm. When I do get up, I am well rested and more balanced during the day. I need my strength. As regional manager of a Parkinson Group, I organize various events and training courses where members are provided with the latest information in Rendsburg / Schleswig-Holstein. I have to look after the interests of those afflicted with Parkinson’s. My nightly rest has improved, the sleep is more intensive, better and I am more rested in the morning.

3. How did you find out about this mattress?
At last year‘s delegate congress of the German Parkinson’s Association (dpv, Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung e.V.) in Kassel. Thomashilfen exhibited a mattress and offered it for testing at home. I was happy to accept the free offer. Since the trial, I sleep better, am more relaxed, and more vital during the day. During the consultation I was interested in the construction of the mattress with the “wing springs.” Apparently the wings springs do something so that I can sleep better. That’s good enough for me.

4. Do you wake up in pain anymore?
I often used to have pain, especially in the morning. Since Thevo, I get up in the morning without back pain."

deMichael Melcher, Young & Parkinson, Germany
"One would think that we Parkinson’s patients would be happy. After all, we get much more out of life. We have the sunny days for our commitments. Then, when the moon shines, the new day starts. We have time to meet our friends on chats, paint pictures, or knit. So, we get a lot more out of our day due to our interrupted sleep. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. We know the meaning of too little sleep from experience. We are imbalanced and toward lunchtime, we become tired and reach our limits or slow down. I have tried many things, since I still work.

My doctor gave me natural sleep aids, which unfortunately did not help. Calming tea or walks in the evening also failed to significantly lengthen my sleep phases. My sleep phase was usually over around 3:00 AM, so I would watch TV, paint, read or chat just to keep busy. Around 6:00 AM, I would feel tired again. This was not good for my work life, since that‘s when the alarm rings and I have to get ready to go. Four hours of sleep or sometimes even five hours is just not enough in the long term. At Tulip (German Parkinson’s Gala) in Berlin, I found Thomashilfen, which offers mattresses specifically for persons who have Parkinson‘s.

Their friendly advice and uncomplicated atmosphere encouraged me to call the company and ask about testing the mattress. It was very helpful for me in my search for restful sleep After a very friendly conversation and a match of personal data (weight, bed size), the mattress was delivered to me within a week.

It was pointed out to me that the first three to four nights may feel unfamiliar. This was indeed the case. I have now been sleeping on the mattress for three weeks and have sleep times of at least seven hours. Yesterday, I even made it to ten hours. Getting up in the morning is also a lot easier for me, since my body is relaxed and rested. The only problem I battle now is getting my body accustomed to sleeping through the night. I still wake up around 3:00 AM, but force myself to stay in bed. I drink a sip of water, turn over and keep on sleeping. I have firmly decided to buy the mattress. I‘m a little mad at myself for not having done so sooner. I can only recommend it, based on my experience.

Thank you, Thomashilfen!!
A well-rested Michael Melcher"

deMr. B.
"Mr. B. is a medically adjusted Parkinson’s patient. He is impaired in his movement due to visible muscle shaking including muscle stiffness. He reports that he very much depends on his daily schedule. He is still working as a freelance insurance broker. However, he now needs to employ a co-worker, since he “never can rely on his form of the day”.

Mr. B., 87kg, tries ThevoCalm 80 first, but after two days he reports that he cannot sleep. Muscles are increasingly tense, and he suffers strong neck pain. ThevoCalm 80 is exchanged against ThevoCalm 140. After the first night Mr. B. reported a better lying quality and relaxed neck muscles.

During the trial he reported that position changes are easier. Gravity shifts or micromotions are facilitated, despite muscle shaking. Even complete position changes are easier for him to do.

He falls asleep much easier. The improved positioning unfortunately does not influence the tremor. So, he still wakes up at night from shaking and leg cramps. Nevertheless, Mr. B. states that he sleeps better through the night and is less tired during the day. He has the subjective impression that vitality increased due to his improved sleep. Daytime activities are facilitated and he reports higher concentration."

deR.G. hospital nurse from Bremervörde, Germany
"The mattress for those afflicted with Parkinson’s arrived last week for testing. It is surprisingly light in weight and easy for one person to unpack. An elevated position of the upper body is still possible as the product can simply be placed on an existing slatted or electric frame.

The water resistant and air permeable coating of the upper side of the mattress is also a perk. The cover protects the inexpensive foam against unwanted wetness. I noticed that the afflicted person not only appears to have slept more deeply, but during the nightly visit to the toilet is in comparison „not so shaky;“ the gait pattern appears to be smoother.

Of course this is only an initial impression. In practice it needs to be shown how the mattress performs when subject to wear and tear after getting in and out of bed.

My wish would be that with a new purchase, which will certainly be necessary after 10 years, a „repurchasing discount“ is addressed. A purchase, as soon as the decision about the size of the new bed has been made, will certainly be undertaken by the afflicted person.

R.G. hospital nurse"
(At the request of R.G. the address and name are not mentioned here, but are however known to Thomashilfen.)

enShay Healy from Ireland
"Shay Healy Sleeping Soundly Again on the Thevo Mobility Mattress

For the past two months I have been testing a mattress designed especially for people with Parkinson’s. It is geared to make sleeping more comfortable and ameliorate pain in the morning. It was and has been beneficial across a range of the complications of Parkinson’s. There‘s a special mattress for wheel-chair users and even one for those with dementia.

As a final test, I slept last night in my old mattress and when I got up this morning, „Jaysus the pain“ is all I can say.

The difference between my old mattress and my new one is inestimable.

They are called Thevo Mobility mattresses and what happens is when your body moves, the mattress automatically counters the move and puts you back on an even keel...

Stay sane
Shay Healy"

deDr. F Krämer from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
"I have suffered from debilitating sleep disorders for many years because of Parkinson’s disease. Typically, I have frequent waking phases with great restlessness, which significantly disrupts my day/night rhythm. Previously I was treated for this problem with the usual neuroleptics and psycho pharmaceuticals. However, this medicinal approach was not able to help me with my sleeping disorders. I found a reference to Thomashilfen while searching on the Internet and five weeks ago I started my trial of the ThevoCalm mattress, which is specially developed for Parkinson‘s disease. Since then my nightly maladies are almost non-existent and I am able to sleep longer and deeper again. My warm thanks for this wonderful mattress."

deMr. S.
"Mr. S. has had Parkinson’s for 16 years, is medically adjusted and provided with an impulse generator for deep brain stimulation since April 2009. Because of this, external persons cannot recognize any tremor.

He often has a restless sleep at night and describes situations which make him wake up because of his intense movements, like hitting the wall with his arm or kicking. He also complains about strong back ache after lying down for longer periods. He has problems getting out of the bed – especially in the morning.

Her tries ThevoCalm.

In the course of testing he starts to fall asleep more easily and sleep through the night. Intensive movements, occurring leg movements and leg cramps decline in the course of testing as well as nightmares described before.

Upon completion of the test he states that he lies considerably calmer and that intentional movements were easier to perform. Position changes in bed were easier to make. “It simply was different” is his positive feedback. Painful muscle tension was considerably reduced, so Mr. S. could sleep longer and better. Being able to move much better is one main aspect for him. Especially getting up in the morning is much easier now. “I just couldn’t get out of bed before. I literally was stuck in the mattress.”

Mr. S., weighing 86kg, initially was provided with ThevoCalm 80. He complained about sinking into the mattress too much and about difficulties moving. Also restless dreams, often accompanied by occurring movements, become more frequent.

By providing him with ThevoCalm 140 problems decreased and he can again move better."

deHeike Raabe from Bremervörde, Germany
"Thank you for your helpful advice over the phone and for the prompt service. I am 53 years old, self-employed andwas diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 47. Nevertheless, I have a good life thanks to medication. I keep fit with a lot ofsports. I go dancing, swimming and, as an alternative for poor weather conditions, I have a treadmill in my home.

I live my life consciously and try to turn every day into a good day, but I have had problems with sleeping. We boughtexpensive mattresses, but none of them seemed to work for me. I was never able to sleep through the night and wokeup after three to four hours. Every inch of my body was in pain. I was hardly able to get up out of bed. I did a searchon the Internet and found Thomashilfen and the ThevoCalm mattress.

I find it incredible that last Sunday I woke up at 10 AM! For years I had been the first one up in the morning. I wasable get my housework due to the lack of sleep, but this is no longer the case and thanks God (or thank Thomashilfen)I am able to sleep better.

The other day my husband jokingly said, as he was filling the dishwasher that everything would be left for me again.“It is the mattresses fault,” he said. “I will have to send the mattress back so that you can manage your housework atnight and by yourself.” We had a good laugh about that one. My thanks to Thomashilfen. You have given me back myquality of life.

At last, I am able to sleep again."

deJ. Peter from NRW, Germany
"My husband was no longer able to sleep well on his Sensoflex mattress. Due to my husband’s Parkinson’s disease, hewasn’t able to turn over so well on the five-year-old mattress. I did a search on the Internet and found the ThevoCalmParkinson’s mattress on the Thomashilfen site.

After an excellent phone conversation with Mrs Falk-Jungclaus, we ordered the mattress with a 30 day try out period.After only three days of use, my husband has had excellent sleep again and has had none of the initial problemsoccasionally reported in reviews. Though, my husband has said he has to take care that he doesn‘t land on my side ofthe bed through the momentum from the mattress.

We are enthusiastic and happy to recommend this mattress because there is no obligation and it can be returned after30 day trial if it doesn‘t meet expectations.

We are reporting our positive experiences to our doctor in Bochum. Thank you!"

enSimon from London
"I was diagnosed with Parkinson‘s 6 years ago and my wife and I have since almost despaired of finding a mattressthat would avoid me waking up several times at night due to being unable to turn easily in my sleep and due todiscomfort in my hips and shoulders. Also, my wife – who doesn‘t have Parkinson‘s – was experiencing back pain onother mattresses and was also being woken up by me trying to turn.We recently tested a full range of mattresses at John Lewis in London but despite their huge and impressive range wecouldn‘t find one that was suitable.

When we briefly tested your ThevoCalm Parkinson‘s Care mattress at the 2016 World Parkinson Congress we bothappreciated the great support the mattress provides.Having now slept on a ThevoCalm Parkinson‘s Care mattress for the last month we are both really happy with it. Ican turn easily in my sleep without waking, I don‘t get nightly pain in my joints and I don‘t inadvertently wake up mywife ! Meanwhile, my wife doesn‘t suffer back pain at night any more. A surprising additional benefit of the mattressis that we are warm enough with a thinner duvet than we used with our old mattress. Furthermore, this is the firsttime we have had a mattress where we can remove the cover to clean it.All in all, you make a great product which I will be recommending people take a look at, especially where they haveParkinson‘s. Very best wishes to you and your company for a happy New Year."

deWilhelm Stock from Bonn, Germany
"As a Parkinson’s patient I have a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. My night usually ends at 4 AM. I read, tossand turn and wait for when I’m supposed to get up, then during the day, the tiredness catches up on me. Rather bychance I found out about a mattress that helps us Parkinson’s patients to sleep making life easier. I jumped at thechance to try out this mattress for 4 weeks. Immediately, it was clear that this Thevo mattress is not going anywhere.Now I know how it feels to be well rested again and apart from this I have less tension in my upper body and I find iteasier to get up in the morning. A real boost in my quality of life."

deMr. E.
"Mr. E. is 86 years old and resident of a care community. He suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.

He is well-oriented and presents no dementia-affected changes. The slower response time related to M. Parkinson’s may assume a mental slowdown at times. However, this is not proven. Mr. E. clearly expresses his wishes and does not permit others to decide for him. He makes the nursing staff explain all measures and considerations for the improvement of his care. If he considers them to be plausible, he agrees. He clearly expresses and describes his illness-related impairments.

In addition to Parkinson’s Mr. E. also suffers from macular degeneration. So, he is legally blind.

Mr. E. has sleeps badly. He complains about back ache and pain in the shoulder-arm area. He complains about pain when lying down, caused by his inability to change position. The pain described is one reason for his poor sleep at night. Pain is not limited to certain body parts. He describes pain all over his body. The nurse management describes him as “The princess and the pea”, to underline that even supposed little things may create pain.

Mr. E. has no pronounced tremor. Rigor (muscle stiffness) presents, depending on the structure of the day, as follows: He describes a gain in weight of, e.g. his feet, a drinking glass or the rollator. He wants to lift these objects. However, his attempts to do so become increasingly difficult, since muscles become stiff during his attempts. He describes this as a gain in weight of the objects.

This problem is present at night, as well. He cannot make big changes of his position and needs to be re-positioned. However, he can make little movements, like slight gravity shifts. But even these movements are often difficult because of the gain in weight he describes. The slight gravity shifts have a positive influence on his pain from lying down. Based on this background, Mr. E. was provided with a Thevo-therapeutic bed on a trial basis on 2010-02-24, to see if it provided relief.

Just 2 weeks after sleeping on the Thevo-therapeutic bed a more than significant change could be noticed. The nurse management in charge reported that already after a few days, Mr. E. had a considerably better sleep, and still has. It is clearly recognizable that he is more relaxed in bed and sleeps at night. Pain seems to be barely perceivable any longer. Asking him showed that he no longer expresses the weight gain mentioned before. He states that he sleeps better.

He still needs to be repositioned, since independent position changes are still lacking. It can be assumed that he is able to make slight gravity changes and thus has a better sleep. Mr. E. stated he feels better in the morning and starts the day quicker. He does not want to lose this Thevo bed."

deUrsula Strunck from Hamburg, Germany
"Incredible! I no longer have any leg cramps during the night. I am able to turn several times during the night and amno longer in pain or stiff in the morning. I am much more mobile when I get up. After one night the ThevoCalm gaveme back a lot of quality of life and well-being I had lost sleeping on a “normal” mattress. Thank you very much for thevery pleasant telephone advice!"

deG. Wisniewski from Drensteinfurt, Germany
"Dear Mrs Falk-Jungclaus,my wife Ulla W. has been afflicted with the Parkinson disease since roughly 28 years.In addition to this she had breast cancer surgery and surgery for a tumour on the breastbone,as well as cancer of the chest wall. 5 heart attacks = 10 stents, 1 rear wall infarction with heart standstill and reanimation. Apart from this 1 apoplectic stroke with left-sided paralysis, stiffening of the entire muscles. My wife Ulla W. is no longer able to get up alone since about six years, respectively turn herself over in bed. Beforebuying the Parkinson mattress she had to get up 6 - 9 times every night with my help to pass water. Thanks to the Parkinson mattress my wife is now able to get up by herself and turn herself over. Apart from this the urge to urinate has decreased. She now only needs to get up twice during the night - alone. Thesleep phases have increased from 1 hour to 4 -5 hours.What a blessing for my wife and I. With best regards G. Wisniewski"

dkMr. Bente Andersen, Copenhagen, Kopenhagen
"The last year I have had problems with my sleep. Usually I woke up after 4 hours of sleep, and so could not fall asleep again. This meant that the entire next day I could barely stand up and sleep. When I sat in a chair, I could suddenly fall over, and if I sat with something in his hand, dropped it on the floor. And it goes beyond one's entire well-being, if you sleep too little. In March there was with the magazine Parkinson Recent included an advertisement for ThevoCalm mattresses - including a Parkinson mattress. I decided to test it - and I have no regrets. Already the first night I slept 7 hours - and since then I slept between 5 and 7 hours each night. If I had previously had to get up to go to the bathroom, I could not fall asleep again. But now I can get up, go to the bathroom, and go to bed and fall asleep again. I feel that my body is more rested, I can overcome more everyday. My friends and family say “ you have come to look better” and it is certainly not so bad. All in all I can recommend ThevoCalm Parkinson mattress."

deMr. Herzog from Germany
"After the trial period, I sleep very well and my back problems have subsided."

deMr. & Mrs. Huch from Germany
„Mr. and Mrs. Huch are now 100% convinced, the 2 weeks of testing have brought a significant improvement. Mr. Huch has less pain and feels better, this morning his wife said how much she likes him.”

deFrank Müller (70) Parkinson‘s patient from Bremen, Germany
“The mobility bed has greatly improved my quality of life. Now I can finally sleep well at night. And despite my limited mobility I can move much better in bed and get up in the morning on my own.”

deMr. Westphley from Germany
"At first I was not convinced because I thought that the effect of using works immediately, but now I sleep much better and I can move around better. I am absolutely convinced of the mattress! "

deFrank Stoye (62), Parkinson‘s patient from Cuxhaven, Germany
”At night I couldn’t sleep well and always woke up. In the morning I was tired and exhausted. During the day I was irritable and unfair towards others. It was frustrating! Now I can finally sleep well again at night and start the new day fresh!”

deMs. Schmidt from Germany
"My husband can move better on it, everything was great!"

deMarkus Schütt, son of a Parkinson's patienten from Germany
“My father is a Parkinson’s patient who is regulated with medication. His movement is limited due to considerable muscle tremors and even muscular rigidity. After the first night my father reported an improved lying comfort and more relaxed neck muscles. During the testing he described relief when changing positions. It is easier to move weight or make micro movements despite the muscle tremors. Even complete position changes are easier for him.”

deMs. Nöster from Germany
"My husband wakes up relaxed, can turn better and feels very good on the day."

usSteven H.
"I bought the ThevoCalm mattress, sight unseen, from a German company I’d never heard of with offices in Florida and a warehouse in Seattle over the internet from my home in San Diego. Give it a chance. I have Parkinson’s and had tried out virtually every kind of mattress. Sleeping on the floor was better. After a few weeks, I noticed I was sleeping an hour longer and without a sore back. And wakening feeling refreshed. Now, after six months, I am totally sold on the ThevoCalm."