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Which dimensions are important – and why?

Know the body measurements of your child

To obtain a well-fitting rehab stroller, you should also know the body measurements of your child. As a therapist or parent, it is therefore important to measure the child. Here you can see what dimensions these are and how to select them.

Back height

A customized back height is important to provide support and stability for the child in the back and head areas. The upper edge of the backrest should be at least at the top of the child’s head so that the head is supported. A separate headrest can be chosen for some rehab strollers. Then the backrest must reach at least to the lower edge of the shoulder blade; an individual headrest shape is then chosen for the head.

Lower leg length

The child’s feet should stand at a 90° angle on the footrest of the rehab stroller. The lower leg length is measured between the hollow of the knee to the sole of the foot or shoe.

Seat depth

To ensure that the child sits as stably as possible, it is important to strive for an optimally adapted seat depth. The seat depth is the extension of the line of the back down to a point about two fingers wide above the hollows of the knees.

Seat width

The more accurately the seat width fits, the straighter the child sits in the rehab stroller. The seat width is measured in the sitting position at the height of the pelvis, from the outside of the thigh. Precise pelvic guidance gives the child ideal conditions for upper body activity.