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The Positioning 2-in-1 Special Needs CarSeat
Harness Mode: Weight of child: 22 - 65 lb & height: 27 - 57"

The Defender Reha allows children with special needs 360° of impact protection. The head, trunk and thighs supports, combined with our unique accessories, offer many positioning options. The seat allows for growth while remaining narrow enough for a second car seat as well as another child to fit in the back seat.

  • badges fmvss cmvssDefender Reha and ALL ACCESSORIES exceed US FMVSS 213 and Canadian CMVSS 213 standards
  • Head, trunk and thighs positioning supports INCLUSIVE
  • Special Needs accessories available
  • Cup/snack holder, chest clip & soft harness covers
  • 2 years manufacturer's guarantee

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are two family owned companies passionate about providing safe and comfortable products. We are committed to developing and delivering products that help families enjoy safely travelling together.

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Details & included positioning-options


 Measurements & weights

 Defender Reha US
Seat depth 13.5"
Seat width* 8.5 - 12"
Seat to head** 23.5 - 30.5"
Shoulder height (child)*** 10 - 19.5"
Lower leg length (7") 11 - 17"
Overall dimensions (w x h x d) 18.25 x 26.5 x 20"
Weight of seat 22 lb

Harness Mode 
Weight of child 22 - 65 lb
Height of child 27 - 57"

Booster Mode 
Weight of child 30 - 110 lb
Height of child 34 - 57"

* To reach max. seat width remove additional hip guide pads from additional seat pad
** To reach max. back height remove additional seat pad and foam pad under seat cushion
*** To reach max. shoulder height remove additional seat pad and foam pad under seat cushion

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