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Thomashilfen North America

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Get information about our history and the Team in Seattle

Thomashilfen North America (ExoMotion) from Seattle is a resource for special needs seating, mobility, and sleep systems for children, adults and elders. We focus on innovative, quality products, designed and tested for use in every day life. Our guiding principle is simple. Parents and Caregivers are the center of decisions for their children and family members.

Parents and Caregivers, in a very real sense, are the most knowledgeable about their child’s or family member's needs.

If parents can comfort their child waking in pain every night, get through grocery shopping with a child who cannot walk, and deal with complex medical issues, then parents can surely make informed and intelligent decisions about adaptive equipment. By the same token, the spouse of a person with Alzheimer's or dementia understands the challenges of getting a good night's sleep first hand, and knows the benefit of a choosing the right sleep system.

In 2009, ExoMotion became the U.S. Division of Thomashilfen in Bremervorde, Germany. Our distribution channels extend throughout North and South America. Under direct Thomashilfen ownership, we offer more education and better understanding of our products. Clinicians, rehab equipment suppliers and families are sure to find even more movement, stability and style in our newest products.

But some things remain the same. We are still the “friendly company”. Most of our products are available through medical equipment or homecare dealers in your local area. The ExoMotion team is always available to answer your questions and share our resources. If our products don’t meet your child or family member's needs, we will help you get to what is right.

The Team

of Thomashilfen North America

Darlene Hawthorne
Jessica Hawley
Vice President
Joe Hawley
Client Service and IT
Brent Antonius
Client Service and Logistics
Emily Seymour
Client Service and Logistics
Laura Sonntag
Regional Manager
Hans-Georg Höft
Vice President Operations