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Monza Nova 2
Lightweight car seat with the highest safety standard

RECARO Monza Nova Rehab car seat is a very lightweight seat for children up to 110.2 lb / 50kg. The integrated 5-point belt keeps large children in an optimal sitting position.

Hercules Small
Hitting the roads today with tomorrow's safety in mind!

We're excited to unveil the new Hercules Small rehabilitation booster seat – a leader in child safety for car travel! The Hercules Small, offers a high level of safety and effective protection for your child.

Hercules Prime
Modular rehab car seat that grows with the user for a long time

Hercules Prime is a versatile modular positioning car seat designed for users needing increased support as they grow . It offers familiar rehab seat functions and customizable accessories for optimal head and upper body support during car journeys.

Swifty 2
The lightweight buggy for the big ones.

A sturdy, comfortable stroller with a firm seat that can withstand the many stresses of everyday life and is ready for quick use.

Maximum driving comfort for a relaxed everyday life

The rehab stroller's adaptability and luxurious comfort with various settings make it ideal for prolonged sitting or lying, which is important when extended periods of sitting are unavoidable.

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A healthy goal...

Pioneer in the rehab market - Thomashilfen

For more than 4 decades Thomashilfen has been working to make people feel good. In support of all people suffering from disease or disability our goal is your health, well-being and positive development. Our staff of specialists strives to meet a constant demand to excel in the rehabilitation field. They are experts in seating, lying, positioning, but above all - movement and mobility.

In 2009, ExoMotion became the U.S. Division of Thomashilfen in Bremervorde, Germany. Under direct Thomashilfen ownership, we offer more education and better understanding of our products. Clinicians, rehab equipment suppliers and families are sure to find even more movement, stability and style in our newest products.

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Mobility for special needs kids & parents
The right solution on every trip
*MiS sleep therapy
More participation & better learning
Pediatric Wheelchairs from Thomashilfen
As a pioneer in Germany, we began providing Pediatric Wheelchairs for handicapped children over 50 years ago to make it easier for the children and their families to participate in everyday life.

Pediatric Wheelchairs
Mobility for special needs kids & parents

Adaptive Car seats
The right solution on every trip

Hercules Small US - High level of safety and protection
COMING SOON - Hercules Small US
RECARO Monza Nova 2 Reha
RECARO Monza Nova 2 Reha
Defender Reha US
Defender Reha US
Defender Reha CAN
Defender Reha CAN
Defender Reha CAN (FR)
Defender Reha CAN (FR)

MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses*
*MiS sleep therapy

Activity / Therapy Chairs
More participation & better learning