MiS Micro-Stimulation®

Essentially, the active principle of Micro-Stimulation® is based on the theoretical basics of the Basal Stimulation and the Kinesthesia. Micro-Stimulation®-Systems preserve and promote the patients' own mobility and perception due to the feedback of the system, which consists of a special wing suspension that moves with the patient. This feedback promotes the preservation of the body image and therefore, ensures the patients' own mobility.

Thevo - the mobility seat
You no longer have to choose between stability vs. movement in a seating system. The child sits on a stable base and is supported in their posture while still being able to move. Children need both stability and movement for their development.

The Thevo seat guides and supports the child’s upper part of the body and still allows for movement. The system transfers every slightest movement into micro size counter movements. Thus, the child receives better feedback and the sensation of his or her own movements is improved.

MiS Micro-Stimulation® improves the child's perception of his or her back. Thus, blood circulation and movement is better maintained and immobility is significantly reduced.

Thevo - the mobility bed
The mobility bed solves the dilemma of how to prevent and overcome pressure sores. Thevo offers a far softer sleep surface than on other alternating pressure air mattress and they are still able to move. The key is less pressure and plenty of movement.

Unlike conventional soft bed systems, Thevo does not make body movements disappear. Furthermore, the “Thevo Bed For Movement“ automatically transfers every slightest movement of the patient, even the movement of breathing, into micro size counter movements.

Micro-Stimulation® enables the brain to recognize the part of the body in contact with the resting surface. This cognition improves blood circulation and the movement helps the condition of the body parts touching the sleep surface. As a result, the risk of pressure sores decreases significantly.